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Your Trusted Title Insurance Agent In Michigan

Experienced Michigan title professionals specializing in:

•  Residential  •  Commercial •  Leasehold

•  Short Sales •  New Construction • REO Transactions

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Reputation First Title Agency

We are experienced title professionals focused on insuring and closing residential and commercial real estate transactions as well as new construction. Don’t leave your biggest investment to just anyone. Call us today! Specializing In: Residential, Commercial, Leasehold, Short Sales, New Construction, and REO Transactions in Michigan.

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A Title Team For You

Why do you need a title agency? Your real estate transaction comes with a lot of complex parts. If you want a smooth transaction, then you need to let an experienced title team step in. With Reputation First Title Agency, you can feel confident that your title will be cleared to close quickly and a high level of trust that your escrow will be professionally and safely managed. All details, big and small, will be covered.  

What to Know About Title Insurance in Michigan

Buying a new home or commercial property is exciting. You want to make it through your closing so that you can move forward with your future plans for the property. We get it. We also know that overlooking title insurance may lead to huge concerns down the road. 


So, what do you need to know about title insurance in Michigan? 


  • Issues concerning your title can appear years after you’ve moved into your property - and threaten your right to it. 

  • Title insurance is only paid for once - at closing - and protects you for as long as you and your heirs own the property. 

  • Without title insurance, you can risk losing your property even though you purchased it legally.

  • There are two types of title insurance - one that protects you and one that protects your lender. 


Let’s talk more about title insurance.

​Benefits of Title Insurance

Did you know that title insurance can protect you from loss if you lose a sale because of a defect in your property’s title? If you want reassurance that the title to your new property will be marketable when it is time to sell, then you will want to invest in title insurance. 


Until that time comes, you can expect the following benefits: 


  • Protection from any title defects that may arise for as long as you own the property, as well as any heirs of yours. 

  • Protection from the high cost of legal battles that may arise and require you to defend your rights to the property. 

  • Protection from various title defects up to the amount of the title policy. 

  • Protection from having to pay for the title defects, such as judgments or liens, in addition to legal fees. 


Title insurance offers protection to others, too:


A seller who had bought title insurance for the property will have more security when it comes to selling the property - especially as it relates to a new title search. If anything arises that is covered by the policy, it will be taken care of so that the sale can go through. 



Those who lend money for mortgages are putting themselves at risk in doing so. Title insurance offers them protection against loss. 


Real estate agents

These individuals take every step imaginable to help a real estate transaction to go through. But they have no control over what happens when something shows up on title search results. With title insurance, they can feel confident that their hard work will pay off and that the sale will proceed. 


One payment at closing to purchase a title insurance policy is all that is required to gain these benefits - and the insured protection. Seems like a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with your new property. 


To learn more about the benefits of title insurance, call us today at 734-432-0100.


Why Choose Us?

  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured as a Title Insurance Agent.

  • Ordering Online, Fax, or Phone Ordering

  • Escrow Services Available

  • Residential, Commercial & New Construction Services Provided

  • Statewide Real Estate Closings & Settlement in Michigan

  • In Office or Remote Closings

  • Quick Turnaround Times (24 hrs. on Request)

  • Residential Owner & Lender Title Policies & endorsements issued at the closing table, no waiting for weeks!!

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