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Earnest Money Deposits (EMDs) for Real Estate

Reputation First Title Agency has made the buying process even easier for our clients, how? We're now accepting earnest money deposits through online through Earnnest.

It's a convenient and easy way to get your payment from your bank to our escrow account - think PayPal or Venmo, but for real estate.

Why Reputation First Title Agency?


Since your lender wants to be sure the property has clear title, they will require that a Loan Policy of Title Insurance be purchased. But a Loan Policy only protects the lender. By purchasing an Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance, you will be protected from covered threats to your title and ownership that went undiscovered at the time of closing.

Best of all, your Owner’s Policy provides this coverage for as long as you own your home! Call us today we will make this process easy for you 734-432-0100

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