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Commercial Title Services in Michigan

Commercial title insurance offers commercial property buyers, lenders and others protection against losses from certain title issues, provided through responsive title underwriting, closing and recording services on simple to the most complex commercial transactions. Trust Reputation First Title Agency extensive expertise. Whether your transaction involves bankruptcies, workouts, loan modifications, foreclosures, or commercial finance loan defaults, our professionals are ready to help solve your most complex issues.

Advantages of Using a Title Agency 

You’ve likely heard the horror stories about closings. You know everything looks like it is in place and ready to go - until it comes down to the last minute and something goes awry and the settlement date gets postponed. It happens quite often. But when you have an experienced title agency on your side, you can have the confidence that everything will flow as smoothly as possible. 


There is a lot involved in commercial real estate transactions. But, with a title agency, you will benefit: 


  • Your documents will be prepared, organized, and ready to go. 

  • You have experts available to answer any questions you may have. 

  • A thorough title search will be done to ensure that the seller has the right to sell the property - and that there are no issues with the title.

  • You will have confidence that your escrow account is handled safely and securely. 


Title issues are common. So, while we cannot promise they won’t happen, we can help guide you through anything you encounter. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless commercial real estate closing.

Choosing The Right Commercial Title Company

There are certain traits that you can look for when searching for the right commercial title company, including: 


  • A high level of customer service

  • Exceptional knowledge in handling commercial property

  • Deeply rooted in the local market

  • Dependable underwriter

  • High attention to details

  • Solid reputation


Ready for some good news? You can find all of these things, and more, at Reputation First Title Agency. 

Why Reputation First Title Agency?

Reputation First Title Agency delivers a specialized approach to complex commercial transactions. Single-point contact regardless of property location, number of properties or transaction participants translates into superior transaction management and streamlined closings.  Empowered Underwriters with specialized underwriting expertise regardless of complexity or geographic diversity separates Reputation First Title Agency from other title insurers, providing a creative, competent and client-focused approach.

  • Professional, experienced team of title agents 

  • Responsive agents

  • Settlement services

  • Solutions–driven

What Do We Offer?

Our title insurance may provide defense against a lawsuit challenging the title as it is insured, or reimbursement for the actual monetary loss incurred, up to the dollar limit of the insurance. Coordinated preparation of all endorsements and coverages as well as other services such as UCC Insurance, 1031 Tax-deferred Exchange, Commercial Due Diligence Services, Commercial Foreclosure Services, and International Title Insurance. This translates into timely closings and reduced transaction costs.  Our experts provide quick, responsive title underwriting, closing and recording services on simple to the most complex commercial transactions.  Our cutting-edge technology systems streamline and speed your processes. 


UCC Insurance

Commercial Due Diligence Services

International Title Insurance

1031 Tax-deferred Exchange

Commercial Foreclosure Services

And much more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered commercial real estate?

In general, commercial real estate involves property that is intended to be used for business purposes that is profit-generating rather than for residential living purposes. Keep in mind that this can include retail locations, shopping centers, industrial warehouses, restaurants, hotels, etc., but it can also include multi-family properties, apartment buildings, high-rises, and so forth. 


Is a title search necessary for commercial real estate? 

Absolutely. Any time you purchase a piece of property - commercial or residential - you want to make sure that the title is clear. Otherwise, once sold, everything that is attached to the property then becomes your problem. For instance, if there are any liens or judgments that don’t get cleared up before it sells, then they come with the property. It will be your responsibility to clear them up before you can sell. 


Do I need title insurance for a commercial property? 

Yes, of course. Title insurance protects against any title defects that may have been missed in the title search. This is always highly recommended as a means of protecting your rights to the property - especially since it covers the cost of legal defenses. 


What is a 1031 tax-deferred exchange?

The Internal Revenue Code, Section 1031 allows you to defer paying taxes on capital gains resulting from the sale of an investment property - assuming that you are going to reinvest those gains into another property within a specified amount of time. This is very common amongst investors. 


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