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Privacy Policy

Reputation First Title Agency collects customer information for the express reason of enhancing our customers’ shopping experience. Our privacy policy is only intended to assist customers in understanding what information we are gathering about them when they visit our Website, how we intend to use said information, and what safeguards are in place to protect their information. This Privacy Statement applies only to the information collected online at Reputation First Title Agency and not to any third-party sites that are linked to our site. COLLECTED INFORMATION ON OUR WEBSITE 1.1 General Browsing Information Reputation First Title Agency gathers information during a visit to our Website. When gathering this information, including non-personal information (i.e. domain type, browser and version, service provider and IP address) will be collected for various reasons. This information helps Reputation First Title Agency determine how our Website is used by visitors, including which areas of this site are visited most often or when the last visit to a page occurred. It also helps identify technical efficiencies of the site and the services used (i.e. determining how much time it takes to connect to our website). The navigation information will help us understand our viewers’ experience and allow us to improve that experience by identifying and producing as needed additional features, services and products to enhance the visit.

1.2. Personal Information Reputation First Title Agency may ask for personal information when viewers establish or update a Reputation First Title Agency account, sign up for Reputation First Title Agency e-mail, opt to participate in contests or surveys, shop online (including purchases of gift cards or shopping as a result of outside links), check order status, request a catalog, purchase and send an e-gift card and/or create a wish list or gift reminder, or if viewers opt to sign up to receive information about products, promotions, or events via text messaging. Categories of information usually collected will include name, address, e-mail address, recipient’s name, address, and/or e-mail address, individual order information, telephone number, mobile phone number, credit card information, and messages or reminders chosen by the customer. We also collect information from viewers when they visit us from third-party sources that offer them the ability to sign up for Reputation First Title Agency e-mail. Information we may collect when viewers sign up includes name, home mailing address, and e-mail address. USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED Reputation First Title Agency may use the personal information collected about our viewers to help deliver products they order, fulfill requests, or as a means of contacting them or gift recipient(s) in the event of questions or pertinent order information and/or clarification of delivery information. We may also use this information for verification purposes, to respond to website inquiries, to aid in the delivery of services and information about our products, promotions, or Website (including placing names in the Reputation First Title Agency e-mail list or print catalog mailing list), or to place an order. We will use the information provided when viewers visit us from outside sites to sign up for Reputation First Title Agency e-mail to send them updates about Reputation First Title Agency, promotions, and events. Additionally, we may use viewers’ name and mailing address in all of the ways outlined in this privacy statement. We will use viewers’ e-mail address only as described in various areas of this privacy statement. Reputation First Title Agency SOFTWARE E-MAIL Reputation First Title Agency e-mail provides viewers with the ability to gain access to exclusive information about special offers, events, and new products. Register by completing our sign up form and begin to receive these special messages. If at any time the viewer would like to cease future delivery of Reputation First Title Agency e-mail, follow the removal instructions located at the bottom of each message or complete the e-mail removal request form. Asking to be removed from Reputation First Title Agency e-mail may not prevent viewers from receiving e-mail communications regarding online orders placed at Reputation First Title Agency or product survey requests. INFORMATION SHARED WITH THIRD PARTIES We may opt to use third parties in order to provide services including order fulfillment, payment processing, site activity, survey or database assistance, administration of e-mail communications, and assistance with drawings or contests. These third parties may also provide information on the performance of our site to us and other select groups on occasion. After making a purchase at Reputation First Title Agency, customers may choose to participate in a survey that is conducted by a third party website. It is important that customers understand that any personal information provided during surveys is subject to that third party provider’s privacy policy and not our privacy policy. When making a purchase through Reputation First Title Agency, any information provided (such as name, address, or credit card information) will be added to our database accordingly. This information will be used to provide names and addresses to companies associated with Reputation First Title Agency. If viewers refuse to have this information shared with third parties (other than our direct service providers), they may opt out. If they are added to our mailing list, their name and mailing address, including purchase information, will be available to other companies who may choose to provide them with information about their products. If customers refuse to have their name and mailing address provided to these companies, they may opt out of this sharing. In addition to Reputation First Title Agency, viewers may participate with certain unrelated companies who offer memberships that enable members to participate in various types of rewards programs that may include rewards for purchases from our website. If viewers elect to establish membership with any of these programs, the company will provide a link to Reputation First Title Agency. If viewers visit us from such a program’s website and make a purchase, Reputation First Title Agency will use technology to provide the company administering the program information about any purchase (i.e., date, amount, and order number), to enable the company to honor the terms of their program. However, Reputation First Title Agency will not share any personally identifiable information collected from viewers with the company responsible for the rewards program. Reputation First Title Agency may participate with other unrelated websites in programs that are not rewards programs, but may link to our website nonetheless. We may share personal information collected from viewers with the company linking them to our website. Reputation First Title Agency is not responsible for the privacy practices of these websites, and we recommend that our viewers review the privacy policy of any website that they visit linking them to our website. Reputation First Title Agency is not responsible for any third-party privacy practices and we recommend that viewers examine the privacy policy of each company with whom they may be considering a membership. Viewers should be aware that we may disclose specific information about them as necessary to do so by law, to conform or comply with the law, or as is necessary to protect any site user or the general public. INTERNATIONAL VISITOR INFORMATION If viewers are visiting Reputation First Title Agency from outside the United States., orders placed through Reputation First Title Agency will be accepted and fully processed in and shipped from the United States. All information provided will be maintained in our servers and/or our internal systems located within the United States, and will be used and protected as explained herein.

COOKIE USE 6.1 Definition of cookies and their use herein Reputation First Title Agency uses built-in browser features known as cookies. Cookies are small data files stored by Web browsers on the viewers’ computer. Cookies can be used to help track clicks and pass information from the computer to the website when visiting Reputation First Title Agency’s pages. This helps us make this site more advantageous by providing a more personalized experience for our viewers. Reputation First Title Agency will use cookies to track items put into shopping bags and retains viewer information for return visits to our website. We also use cookies and technology known as clear gifs (typically stored in e-mails), which aid us in confirming receipt of our e-mails and helps provide our viewers with a personalized website experience. Cookies also permit us to associate navigation information from browsing visits with the personal information provided on our site. 6.2 Third-Party Information We share browsing data collected by cookies with third-parties on occasion. However, no personal information collected by cookies will be shared. Third party advertising companies are permitted to collect public information by placing cookies on both their website and ours. These companies may use information (excluding personal information) about viewers’ choices and monitor visits to our site as well as other Websites in order to provide advertisements about Reputation First Title Agency’s products or services on other websites. These selected companies will provide this information to us, and we intend to use it to determine the effectiveness of any advertisements placed about our products and services and for marketing purposes. If viewers would like more information about this practice or their options, or if they no longer wish to have information from these third parties, they may opt out.

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